REGIO Cultural Heritage Management Consultancy and Training Inc. was established in Ankara in 2009. The company has been committed to the preservation of cultural assets and common heritage of all mankind, primarily in Turkey and its vicinity for their safe transfer to future generations. For this purpose, REGIO employs high calibre experts in Cultural Heritage Management as well as in Documentation and Preservation of Archaeological Assets. REGIO is the first private company in Turkey having adequate capacity, equipment and organization to perform in all regions of the country, working in the documentation and evaluation of cultural assets and assisting in their formal registration for the purposes of transforming them into public property. REGIO is Corporate Friend of Europa Nostra.

Acquiring “Scientific Academic Consultancy” from prominent universities, REGIO’s performance practices comply with standards of international organisations such as EBRD, IFC and World Bank and performed under the supervision and guidance of Museums and Protection Boards under law 2863 on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets.