Some of the projects completed by REGIO are given below.

“New Fields for a New Life” Technical Assistance financed by EU (with Ars Progetti). Documentation of status, field surveying and tender dossier preparation for football fields in 18 provinces.

“Improving Winter Tourism Infrastructure in Yalnızcam, Ardahan” preparation of the Technical Proposal (with ATC Consultants)

Establishment of a Project Support Office under Mardin Governorate. Recruitment of staff, training, preparation of project proposals.

On the spot check of Grant Projects under the TR90 (Artvin, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Ordu, Rize, Trabzon) Regional Development Programme on behalf of EU Delegation Turkey.

Project idea generation for Istanbul Exporters Union for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals.

Status Analysis for Cargo Departments in İstanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboğa and Muğla Dalaman Airports (with the Faculty of Architecture of the Middle East Technical University)

Advanced PRAG Training for Ministries and Municipalities (with Grontmij)

Please visit REGIO Cultural Heritage Management Site for our references in cultural heritage projects. 

Our permanent expert team has been actively involved in the following projects:

Technical Assistance to Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme and Competitive and Innovative Sectors Operational Programme

Promotion of Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme.

Mitigation of Syrian Crisis in Southeast Anatolia

Establishing a Cooperation Platform for Small Family Owners and Agricultural Organisations in Islamic Cooperation Organisation member countries.

All three phases of the EU Turkey Business Centres (ABİGEM) established in 19 provinces.

Developing Clustering Policy in Turkey

Combating Domestic Violence Against Women

Developing Industry Strategy for TR71 Region.

Future Lies in Tourism

Expert Support to Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock for Preparation of Terms of Reference, LEADER Measure and Agri Environment Studies

PRAG Training for IPARD Management Authority

Expert Support to Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock for Preparation of IPARD Annual Reports.

Ex-ante Evaluation of IPARD 2016-2023 Programme of Turkey

Establishment of Community Refugee Support and Outreach Centres

Harnessing Sustainable Linkages for SMEs in Turkey’s Textile Sector

Promoting Registered Employment in Textile and Clothing Sector in Turkey

Technical Assistance for the Industrial Restructuring of Sanliurfa

Cultural Alliances in Eastern Turkey

Grant Schemes for Regional Development Programmes in TR52, TR72, TR82, TR83, TRA1, TRA2, TRB1 NUTS II Regions.

GAP Entrepreneurs Support Centre (GİDEM) Project

Supporting the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep and Erzurum as Major In-Migrant Destinations

Preservation of Cultural Heritage in GAP Region

Yesilirmak Basin Development Project

Central Citizenship Registration System (MERNIS) Project